Meukow Hors d'Age Rarissime Cognac

Meukow Cognac

This bottle is part of a limited edition. Every year there are only 600 bottles produced. The Rarissime comes from the oldest casks and are bottled at full cask strength. Some strong rancio can be exptected.

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Hors d'Age
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As the name suggests, the founders of Meukow cognac originated from Russia. In 1862 two brothers were sent over to France to supply the Tsar with cognac and decided to start their own cognac distillery. Today, Meukow, with the famous puma logo, ranks among the most well-known cognac brands in the world. Its qualities are strength, elegance, sensuality and exotism, the character traits of the puma. The distillery is housed in Matha in Charente Maritime.

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Meukow Hors d'Age Rarissime

Meukow Hors d'Age Rarissime

The connoisseur might have already tasted this Cognac - but we haven't.

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