Meukow VS Blend Cognac

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Meukow Cognac

The award winning Meukow VS Cognac is truly versatile and represents great value for money.  If you think you know what to expect with a VS cognac, then this is one that will change your expectations, as it offers a far higher quality than you would normally expect from such a young blend.

Well balanced, the blend is round, with fruity notes and the delicacy of woody tones.  Great as either an aperitif or a digestif, or can be combined with a mixer (for example, tonic or ginger ale), or enjoyed on the rocks for a subtly different taste experience.

The cognac is presented in the classic Meukow bottle, adorned with their now infamous symbol - the panther.

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Tasting Notes

Color: Golden hues

Aroma: Fruity notes

Palate:  Deep oak and nuts

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Q&A for Meukow VS Blend

No more Martell!

Glo 2018-03-21

So I liked the the award winning tag... decided to take a chance. Ooowee love it... smooth

    A Surprise

    Sy 2018-02-16

    The taste caught me off guard. I'll be shifting from whiskey to the Meukow VS because of its round and full flavor.

      Best value

      David 2017-07-16

      This is the best value cognac that is much smoother than other vsop cognacs. It's my go to and can drink straight or mixed.

        T 2012-05-12

        This drink is smooth, I take it straight!

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        Meukow VS Blend

        Meukow VS Blend

        Color: Golden hues

        Aroma: Fruity notes

        Palate:  Deep oak and nuts

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