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Dupuy Vintage 1971 Tentation Cognac

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Dupuy Cognac

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Eye: Deep amber with mahogany reflections.

Nose: Inviting scents of apricot, raisins and hazelnuts, followed by fresh iris blossom. 

Palate: Rich and mature, with caramel, candied violets and old aged wine accompanied by a hint of cigar smoke. The soft, long aftertaste shows extraordinary depth and elegance. 

Growth area & soil: Borderies




Four Decades of in the Making: Dupuy Vintage 1971 Tentation Cognac

Another stellar vintage by Cognac Dupuy, this Borderies release perfectly combines the most elegant qualities of this region with the robust character of well-matured eaux-de-vie. The Dupuy Vintage 1971 Tentation Cognac was aged for almost 40 years before being bottled in spring 2011. One thing any Cognac connoisseur will emphasize is the unique flavor that eaux-de-vie from the Borderies express. The soil here exerts a unique character on the grapes grown across its chalky, sandy hills and many people will be pleasantly surprised by the notes of garden florals on both the nose and palate. 

Created to satisfy the curiosity of all connoisseurs in search of the exceptional, Dupuy vintages represent the most remarkable eaux-de-vie discovered by Cellar Master Jean-Philippe Bergier. They are isolated in sealed barrels and the BNIC closely follow their progress to guarantee the year of authenticity. The distillation year can then be written on the label of the bottles and sold as such to connoisseurs.

Auguste Dupuy created Cognac Dupuy in 1852, succeeded by his son Edmond on his death in 1895. Only ten years later, two Norwegians - Peter Rustad and Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen - took over the house but decided to keep the name. At the same time, they created their own Cognac brand for the Scandinavian market, which is better known as Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac.

Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen’s great-grandson Hervé runs the company today and is responsible for putting Dupuy Cognac back on the map. Cellar Master Jean-Philippe Bergier lends his skill and innovation to the mix, and together they consistently produce eaux-de-vie in the traditional manner of the previous centuries with a focus on quality and design. The Bache-Gabrielsen family are sole owners of the company, conveniently housed in a stunning mansion in the heart of Cognac. While keeping an eye on tradition, as an economist, Hervé also knows the importance of staying relevant in an ever-changing world, bringing a modern look to his products and reaching out to new markets around the world.

Presentation of the Bottle

This striking bottle perfectly combines the classic standing of a vintage Cognac with the modern outlook of Cognac Dupuy. Tall and elegant, its straight sides are complemented by a finely designed label and oversized wooden stopper, held in place by a gold wire cage. The vintage statement is prominently displayed, and each bottle comes labelled with an individual bottle number as well as the bottling date. Of course, this would make a wonderful gift for anyone with a 1971 birthday or anniversary.

How to Enjoy Dupuy Vintage 1971 Tentation Cognac

Rare vintages like this deserve attention: pour gently into a tulip glass and let it rest for 30 seconds before taking a sip. To allow the aromas to open up further, a small dash of mineral water could be added. 

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About Dupuy Cognac

Cognac Dupuy is part of the larger, family-run cognac house Bache Gabrielsen, the leading cognac in Scandinavia. Dupuy has recently been re-branded to be exported China, Russia and other international cognac markets. Cognac Dupuy has a far reaching and interesting history dating back to 1852. Well known on every continent of the globe, Cognac Dupuy pride themselves on producing high quality cognac in the true Charentaise fashion and produce a full range of cognacs from a VS through to extra special vintages.

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