History of Cognac Dupuy

It was the year 1852 when one Auguste Dupuy created Cognac Dupuy. He was succeeded by his son, Edmond, on his death in 1895. 10 years later saw the Norwegian pair, Peter Rustad and Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, take over the house, keeping the name of Dupuy for the brand. At the same time they created their own cognac brand to sell on the Scandinavian market, Rustad & Bache-Gabrielsen. So in fact, Cognac Dupuy was the forerunner of Bache-Gabrielsen.

When Peter Rustad died, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen became the sole owner of both brands. In 1932 he brought his son Réné on board to work in the business. It was he who carried on as head of the company following his father’s death in 1942. Réné’s eldest son, Christian, joined up in 1968 and continues to play an important role in the company to this day.

Dupuy Cognac Today

Christian Bache-Gabrielsen’s son Hervé runs the company today, and is responsible for planing Dupuy back on the market in a modern and innovative fashion. He is ably assisted in running Dupuy Cognac and Bache-Gabrielsen by cellar master Jean-Philippe Bergier. Together they continue to produce eaux-de-vie in the traditional manner of the previous centuries, concentrating on quality, design and forward-thinking business strategies. The company continues to be solely owned by the Bache-Gabrielsen family and is housed in a beautiful old mansion in the city center of Cognac.

Because of the family’s roots, Bache-Gabrielsen sales to Scandinavian countries are particularly strong. They provide to both the duty free trade in many Scandinavian countries, and also to the Norwegian state monopolies. But Cognac Dupuy is particularly known in other countries and continents. These include North and South America, Japan, China and Russia.

News, Products and Price

From their entry level cognac – Cognac Dupuy VS, through to the pride of the range, Cognac Dupuy Hors d’Age Grande Champagne and a vintage 1966, their products are well known throughout the industry and have won many awards. 

Recent awards include: Dupuy Hors d’Age Grande Champagne has won the Gold Medal and Best in Class at the International Spirits Challenge 2009 in London. Dupuy XO Tentation was the winner of a Gold Medal and Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2011.

Not only do they produce cognacs, but also a range of Pineau des Charentes, various liqueurs, French brandy and Armagnac.