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Whisky Distillerie Bertrand St. Wendelin Le Principal

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Nos: lekko drzewny

Patate: pochlebna whisky, bez nut torfowych, ale zbożowa, słodowa, delikatnie drzewna, waniliowa, chciwa. Sugeruje uczucie picia Burbona z jego waniliowymi i egzotycznymi nutami.


Distillerie Bertrand St. Wendelin Le Principal Whisky

Distillerie Bertrand introduces its Saint Wendelin Le Principal Whisky d’Alsace, an exquisite blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for the land. Named after the patron saint of the village of Uberach, this French whisky represents the distillery's commitment to upholding the golden rules set by founder Joseph Bertrand: rigorously selected fruits, masterful distillation, and a tradition of barrel aging.

Origin: A Distilling Legacy

The Bertrand distillery, established in 1874 by Joseph Bertrand, has gained prominence across France for its superior eaux-de-vie. Now, under the careful stewardship of Jean Metzger, Bertrand has expanded its repertoire to include meticulously crafted Alsatian whiskies, distilled since 2003 with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Production Process: Expertly Crafted, Respectfully Matured

The production of Saint Wendelin Le Principal Whisky begins with organic malted barley and the soft, low mineral content water sourced from Uberach. The double distillation process employs a copper Holstein alambic, using all plates for the first distillation, and a detachment of plates for the second. The whisky then matures for five years in 300L oak casks from Billon in Beaune, each hand-selected by Jean Metzger. Bottled at 46%, unchill-filtered and without additives, Saint Wendelin Le Principal Whisky encapsulates the dedication and passion of the Bertrand distillery. The bottling takes place annually on St. Wendelin’s Day, maintaining a strong link to local tradition and the spirit of Uberach.

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