Distillerie du Petit Grain Gin d'Avril 01

Distillerie du Petit Grain Gin d'Avril

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Nos: Bardzo ładny. Kwiatowy. Świeży. Czysty. Niezaprzeczalnie ziołowy - jak wąchanie prawdziwych olejków ze zmieszanych świeżych ziół. Słodkawy.

Podniebienie: Powlekający usta, ale wciąż elegancki. Świeże i żywe. Zero agresywności ze strony alkoholu. Silna sygnatura ziołowa - ponownie pomyśl o olejkach i soku, a nie o suszonych ziołach. Świeżość i czystość dominują nad odczuciem słodyczy. Smakuje jak coś bardzo wysokiej jakości.


Distillerie du Petit Grain Gin d'Avril

Revel in the exhilarating sensation of spring all year round with the Distillerie du Petit Grain's Gin d'Avril. Crafted by the renowned Laurent and Patricia Gaspard, this exquisite gin is a lively fusion of classic juniper notes with a remarkable blend of fresh herbs and floral undertones. The enchanting aroma of thyme, fennel, and wild lavender coupled with the distinctiveness of pistachio shoots and pine cones creates a gin experience that is both refreshing and uniquely vibrant. Enjoy the Gin d’Avril served neat, slightly chilled, or as the star in a sublime gin and tonic – you'll relish every sip! This Gin belongs to our Bonjour Drinks Selection.

Origin: Birthed in the Heart of Languedoc

The Distillerie du Petit Grain sits nestled in the picturesque town of Saint-Jean de Minervois, in the Haut Languedoc region of France. Established by the Gaspards in the early 2000s, the distillery has rapidly made a name for itself in the world of spirits. Firmly rooted in the terroir of Saint-Jean de Minervois, it's renowned for producing pure, authentic distillates that are artfully balanced and never overshadowed by alcohol. Its exceptional quality was confirmed in 2021 when, amidst a large blind tasting of 200 French gins organized by the French Très Très Bon, the Distillerie du Petit Grain emerged as the unrivaled number one.

Production Process: Crafting the Spirit of Spring

The crafting of Gin d’Avril begins with the harvesting of fresh herbs at the advent of spring in the Haut-Languedoc Regional Park. This delicate selection of locally-grown botanicals is then expertly combined with the gin's classic juniper notes, creating a spirit that encapsulates the essence of a Languedoc spring. The unique recipe also incorporates galangal, a botanical mentioned in a 1495 list specifying ingredients for gin creation, reintroducing this once-typical ingredient to gin lovers. This meticulous attention to detail results in a gin that not only offers a remarkable taste experience but also a journey back in time.

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