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AE Dor Vieille Réserve No 6 Cognac

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Cognac age
Hors d'Age

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Grande Champagne

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AE DOR Cognac
$ 311
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Tasting review

Eye: Deep mahogany

Nose: Notes of vanilla, cocoa and a delicate floral bouquet. Some fruity notes of rhubarb and elderberry.

Palate: Smooth, mellow and lengthy on the palate, with hints of black tea, brown sugar and dark caramel. A refined and elegant finish.


  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2017 - Silver - 80 - 85,9


Grande Champagne Grandeur - the AE Dor Vieille Reserve No 6 Cognac

Many collectors are aware of AE Dor’s cultural standing in the world of Cognac, and their importance as a distiller in the Jarnac region of Grande Champagne. Established in 1858, the passion has been passed down through the family, earning them the nickname as the “Antiquaire du Cognac”. The Vieille Reserve No 6 Cognac is a true representation of A.E Dor’s craftsmanship and noble heritage, a homage to its premier cru provenance.

An exclusively Grande Champagne cru Cognac, AE Dor's No 6 Cognac has delicate floral notes that are typical for a Cognac of this terroir. Aged for a minimum of 25 years, the Cognac boasts an "Hors d'Age" age category, its lightly spicy and woody notes are testament to these many decades spent maturing in the famous paradis cellars of this iconic house.

The Vieille Reserve No 6's flavors are varied and vibrant, from its fruity notes of fresh rhubarb and elderberries to its dark and deep notes of brown sugar and dark caramel. It boldly finds the balance between sweet and spicy, a balance one can only achieve by expert blending and centuries of savoir-faire.

The company is renowned for its extremely wide range of vintages thanks to Amedée Eduard Dor’s hard work, hunting for the best and oldest Cognacs of the region throughout the late 1800s. The A.E Dor domaine is most famous for its aging cellar, nicknamed “Le Paradis”, where some of its oldest Cognacs are stored in wax-sealed demijohns, a true paradise for any Cognac connoisseur.

This family of master blenders is known for their unique collections, which include beautifully presented decanters and vintages as old as 1840!

How to Enjoy:

This harmonious Hors d'Age Grande Champagne Cognac should be enjoyed neat at room temperature in a traditional tulip or snifter glass, it could equally be hand warmed in the glass so you can savor every sip and enjoy each individual aroma.

Presentation of the Bottle:

In true AE Dor fashion, the bottle is traditional, elegant and old-fashioned. Its wax seal serves as a subtle nod to the demijohns hidden away in "le paradis", where this particular blend has spent an average of 25 years before being bottled. Emblazoned with the wax seal of approval, this special reserve will sit perfectly in your drinks cabinet or bar shelf, to be taken down and enjoyed exclusively on a special occasion. The bottle's classic design of yesteryear is a true hallmark of the quality, hard work, heritage and passion that AE Dor incorporates into every Cognac they produce, with attention to detail being paid to every aspect, from blending to branding.

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About AE DOR Cognac

The vintage eaux-de-vie of A.E. Dor are one the few that are left from before phylloxera struck the region in 1874. Adapting to current developments in the cognac industry and the luxury market in general, the company, today headed by Jacques Riviere, have launched a new range of products that target a wider and more international group of consumers.

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