Ordonneau Domaine de la Grolette VSOP Ordonneau Cognac

Ordonneau Cognac

The Ordonneau VSOP Cognac is the youngest quality that this artisan house produce.  A pure Borderies delight, many of the eaux-de-vies that have gone into creating the blend are aged between 25-30 years.  This means that even though it's officially a VSOP quality, there is a roundness and complexity that you usually find in older cognacs than this.

The cognac is presented in a traditional style bottle with simple label.  This is a great choice to have as one of your staple cognacs in your cabinet:  Good enough to enjoy neat as a digestif, but versatile enough to perhaps combine with your favorite mixer on a hot day, or over ice to release a totally different taste experience.

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 Ordonneau Domaine de la Grolette Cognac is a small family-run producer, with a typical Charentais property called Domaine de la Grolette in the Borderies Cru growing area. The entire process of the production takes place in and around the property. The 33 hectare estate is run by Gerard Ordonneau, staying true to traditional double distillation. The cognac is typical for a Borderies blend, refined and aged in oak barrels.

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Ordonneau Domaine de la Grolette VSOP Ordonneau

Ordonneau Domaine de la Grolette VSOP Ordonneau

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