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Braastad Cognac

Braastad XO Fine Champagne, as the name already indicates, is a blend that consists of Petite and Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. At least 50% of the blend must come from Grande Champagne, if the designation "Fine Champagne" is used. The grape variety is Ugni Blanc.

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Petite Champagne
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In the heart of Grande Champagne in the village of Jarnac lies the impressive Chateau de Triac. The chateau is the home of Cognac Tiffon, to which the cognac brand Braastad belongs. Rubbing shoulders with other famous cognac houses such as Bisquit or Courvoisier, the brand Braastad was created when a Norwegian named Sverre Braastad married into the Tiffon family. Known for their devotion to the traditional cognac producing methods, today the whole process is still carried out at the family premises, and Cognac Braastad’s products are renowned worldwide.

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Braastad XO Fine Champagne

Braastad XO Fine Champagne

Very soft, and round palate.

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