Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra Cognac

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Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra is a new cognac from Martell, a reference to the Chateau de Chanteloup in Cognac. Its decanter displays the chateau's gate, with the three hammers. The price of Chanteloup Perspective is at 300 .

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Fins Bois
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A more precise Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra review will follow. The Chanteloup Extra Cognac is somewhere between Martell's Extra and Cordon Bleu.

Martell is the oldest of the big cognac houses. Similar to Rémy Martin, but a few years older still, Martell will soon celebrate its 300 year anniversary. The history of Martell & Co dates back to 1715, when Jean Martell founded the company with the wish to produce only the highest quality in cognac. With the legendary bottles Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell Extra L’Or de Jean Martell and the recent Création Grand Extra from 2007, the company strongly implanted itself in the luxury goods market. It belongs to Pernod Ricard and has sales of around 15 million liters every year. The most precious eaux-de-vie, some of which date back to 1830, are stored in a secret location in the cellars of Jean Martell - approximately 1,6 million 9 liter cases!

5 reviews for Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra

Rue 2012-12-25

Hi, I would like to buy this one and try it. Email fineliquors@gmail.comHappy holidays to all cognac loverBest regards,Rue

    oikh 2012-04-14

    It's available at Singapore Changi Airport for a retail price of S$440 which is roughly 270euros.

      Andrey 2012-03-17

      Hi Natasja,At the airport of Amsterdam cognac is on sale in a hall of an arrival or in a departure hall? How much is?

        natasja 2012-01-08

        hi Simon,The Martell Chanteloup is now available at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It is available for everyone.Greatings Natasja

          Simon 2011-12-11

          when will it be available in europe? is this only for the chinese market or will we be able to buy it in european stores, what about the UK? I would love to purchase Chanteloup for christmas - is that possible? thanks.

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            Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra

            Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra

            A more precise Martell Chanteloup Perspective Extra review will follow. The Chanteloup Extra Cognac is somewhere between Martell's Extra and Cordon Bleu.

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