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Martell Cognac

The Martell XO is a 70 cl bottle, 40% ABV. Its a special cognac, extra old, coming from the house of Martell, presenting a blend of the rough elements of the Grande Champagne and the smooth effects of the Borderies.

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Martell is the oldest of the big cognac houses. Similar to Rémy Martin, but a few years older still, Martell will soon celebrate its 300 year anniversary. The history of Martell & Co dates back to 1715, when Jean Martell founded the company with the wish to produce only the highest quality in cognac. With the legendary bottles Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell Extra L’Or de Jean Martell and the recent Création Grand Extra from 2007, the company strongly implanted itself in the luxury goods market. It belongs to Pernod Ricard and has sales of around 15 million liters every year. The most precious eaux-de-vie, some of which date back to 1830, are stored in a secret location in the cellars of Jean Martell - approximately 1,6 million 9 liter cases!

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Rue 2012-12-25

My two friends and I drink the whole bottle of the martrll xo. it was really good coganc. Love the color and the spice, smoothness. We open the hennessy xo and compared both I found that the hennessy xo have a more kicks. I personally like the martell xo better than the hennessy xo, my friends has mix opinion. Maybe the martell was from 2008 and the hennessy xo from 2012. We have a great time in my back yard after the night's over only half of the hennessy xo left. :))Rue

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Ned 2012-12-01

This one better be good as it is my choice of cognac this Christmas. Can hardly wait.

    dinky 2012-08-16

    where can i buy this bottle in New York city

      agustin garcia 2011-12-17

      My comment is that there is no better than imperial Courvoisier cognac xo napoleon. it is very good, I recommend this cognac, super delicious. regards

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      Pacome 2011-12-11

      Fantastic cognac! Like all the Martell cognacs it has this Borderies punch in the end.. hmm.. Fine nose, Martell is just on a different planet with this blend. If you compare the martell XO with the XOs of Courvoisier, Hennessy or Remy Martin: Clear winner.

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      Martell XO Extra Old

      Martell XO Extra Old

      The color of XO Martell is deep golden. On the nose: Some leather hints, dry fruit. On the palate: Round and fruity - more the feminine XO, then it increases its complex aromas, and spicy notes come through, wood. The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie adds to the final, an elegant and long finish.

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