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Distillerie Garnier 12 year old Calvados

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Color: Amber-yellow color

Nose: Smoked and oaky aromas. Primary aromas of apples mixed with hint of dry fruits (figs, nuts), of caramel and roasting

Mouth: Great roundness, huge complexity and length in mouth. The oaky hints on the nose are well harmonious in the mouth. Aromas of ripe apples and nuts


Looking for a delicious and sophisticated spirit to enjoy after dinner or in good company? Look no further than Distillerie Garnier's 12 Year Old Calvados.

Founded in 1877 by Pierre Garnier and passed down through five generations to today's Patrick and Nicolas, this family distillery produces some of the finest Calvados available. Their 12 Year Old offering is made with 100% apples - 30 different varieties of bitter and bittersweet apples, to be exact - which are carefully washed and manually sorted before being pressed and fermented naturally for several months. Manual sorting the apples is a tremendous gauge of quality and undoubtedly shows up with what's in the glass.

The resulting distillate is then aged for 12 years in French oak barrels, allowing the apple flavors to mature and deepen while still retaining their pure, clean essence - the clear DNA of the house and its Calvados. The result is a Calvados that showcases the typical aromas of the house, with increased intensity and complexity.

Enjoy this signature French spirit in good company or quietly by yourself with plenty of time in front of you, savoring the pure, supple fruit flavors and the unmistakable imprint of the apple. It's the perfect way to end a meal or to relax and unwind after a long day.

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