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Prunier Cognac

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Tasting review

Eye: Warm amber.

Nose: Complex notes of orange blossom, violet, rancio, black pepper and chocolate-covered hazelnuts.

Palate: Dominant rancio with hints of beeswax and leather. The natural sweetness of honey with spice are followed by a long, structured finish.

Growth area & soil: Borderies




Prunier Vintage 1978 Borderies Cognac: Floral Finesse at its Best

The Prunier Vintage 1978 Borderies Cognac is a feat of floral finesse that can only be found in a Borderies blend; a veritable piece of history told through the inimitable savoir-faire of the historic house of Prunier. 

The Ugni Blanc grapes used in this vintage were harvested on a vineyard in Cherves-Richemont back in 1978, located on the chalk-and-clay soils of the beautiful Borderies terroir. The distilled eaux-de-vie were then left to age in old oak casks for over 38 years before finally being bottled in October 2016. 

A limited edition of only 680 bottles, this rare Cognac from the Borderies cru has gained momentum and popularity amongst connoisseurs thanks to its refined floral bouquet that’s typical of the terroir. Described as a "wonderful example of a floral Borderies Cognac", it celebrates the singularity of the cru's unique eaux-de-vie, showcasing their wonderful botanical elements in a precise and typically Prunier way.

The legal requirements to receive a vintage status are relatively strict and difficult to achieve for Cognac producers. The seal of a single year demijohn must only be broken by a sworn representative before being bottled, and therefore none of the Cognac stored inside can be touched, tasted or removed throughout the aging process.

Thanks to this natural method of allowing the Cognac to fully express itself, untouched by human hands for almost four decades, the 1978 Vintage Borderies Cognac has a higher ABV of 52.8% and is therefore considered a natural cask strength Cognac.

These intense aromatic expressions found in this vintage are not only due to the high quality of the Borderies eaux-de-vie it contains, but also thanks to the 38 years this Cognac has spent aging in Prunier's damp cellars. Taking advantage of the humid conditions caused by the cellar's beaten earth floor, the 1978 Vintage Borderies Cognac is able to absorb the tannins from the oak barrels and develop its flavor profile over time. Legend has it that there was once a river that flowed under the grounds of the estate, which is responsible for the cellar's unique atmosphere and contributes to the unparalleled taste of Prunier Cognacs. 

The family-run house of Prunier excels in producing delicious vintage Cognacs - and this one is no exception. Powerful, strong, yet rounded, and well balanced, it really is a great addition to any Cognac collection. It would also make a wonderful gift for someone born in 1978.

Presentation of the Bottle

Prunier vintage bottles are inspired by a 19th-century design developed by the ancestors of current manager Claude Burnez. Each bottle is blown semi-manually by French artisans using traditional methods and therefore every single one is unique with its cascade of bubbles trapped inside. 

Each bottle is sealed with wax, replicating the strict process of sealing the demijohns to protect and prove the Cognac's vintage status. The 1978 Vintage Borderies Cognac boasts a teal blue wax seal with parchment-colored and gold detailing on the body of the bottle and each of the 680 limited editions has been individually numbered on the label. 

The bottle comes with a stunning wooden box adorned with the Maison Prunier logo for display, storage or gifting purposes.

How to Enjoy Prunier Vintage 1978 Borderies Cognac

As with many vintage Cognacs like this, it’s best to enjoy it neat, perhaps with friends or loved ones to celebrate a particular anniversary or birthday from this year. 

Leave the Cognac for a few minutes once it’s poured into a traditional tulip glass, and make sure to swirl the glass in order to increase aeration, appreciate its nutty aromas and enjoy the plethora of flavors on the palate.

If you feel this vintage may be a little strong for your tastes, you're welcome to add a few drops of water. It makes a delightful digestif, especially when enjoyed alongside a cigar or an espresso. The notes of honey, orange blossom and spice found in this Cognac would pair perfectly with a botanical-based dessert, such as a lemon and basil tart or a rosewater and pistachio eclair.

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