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Hennessy XO comes in a 70 cl bottle and is at 40 % ABV. This cognac is a blendof quite some crus: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fin Bois. This bottle is a flagship of the Grande Maison de Hennessy - and its decanter was designed in 1947.

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It's a powerful and rather woody blend, with spicy aromas, complex but remains round. This rich cognac brings oak and leather together with slightly sweet notes of flower and fruit. A well balanced work, with a good sense of pepper and rancio. More a masculine XO.

Hennessy Jas (et Cie) - the world famous Cognac producer Hennessy has a history dating back to 1765 when the company was established by Irishman Richard Hennessy. Initially an eaux-de-vie trading business, Hennessy was going to become the most successful Cognac exporter in the world. Today, part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group, the company remains to be amongst the most innovative Cognac companies around, forcing collaborations with new markets such as the Hip Hop scene in the US. Its estate and headquarters are based in the famous town of Cognac in Charente.

21 reviews for Hennessy XO Extra Old

Ole 2013-07-28

For those of you openminded try a cognac without added vanilla. Check out a better destilled product at a lower price:http://www.cognac-expert.com/extra-cognac/leopold-gourmel-extra-cognac-age-des-fleurs-15-carats?page-comment_b5457107=1#writeReview

    Paul 2013-07-24

    Grace, I cannot reply your message for some reason.If you still have the Hennessy XO Grand Champagne for sale...

      Paul 2013-07-18

      Hi Don,I am not sure how to contact you by reply ... but it doesn't work.

        kk 2013-04-16

        Hi, You have 2009 Hennessy exlusive collection Iridescence (swarovski crystals) for sale? I am in Australia.Thanks

          Don Henny 2013-04-05

          Paul, I have got several bottles of XO Grande Champagne from in 5cl 35cl & 70cl it's even better then their regular XO!you can check out my FB page for my whole Hennessy collection https://www.facebook.com/don.hennyI have a lot of Hennessy for sale or trade if interested, I'm always looking to buy also!

            Grace 2013-03-12

            I have hennessy xo grand champagne cognac pls call 90011565

              mark 2013-01-18

              I have a 0.7 bottle from he 1980s. It has a greenish glass bottle instead of a transparent white glass bottle. Is the greenish bottle version worth more?

                Paul 2013-01-10

                I am looking for Hennessy XO Grande Champagne. Contact me if you have one for sell

                  Steve Taylor 2012-09-09

                  I have a bottle of Hennessy XO Extra Old Cognac and I have stopped drinking so if anyone would be interested contact me at lv5466@consulant.com

                    Louie Wong 2012-07-21

                    Do you have same bottle ?If you want to sell . Please kindly contact louieat king96336803@qq.comB.rgds.Louie

                      Dan 2012-05-14

                      I have the Remy Martin, Courvoisier, Baron Otard and Hennessy XOs and have to say that of all of them the Hennessy is my favourite. It's just my own taste but wood, leather and jasmine are my favourite tasting notes!

                        Jacki 2012-04-13

                        I tried Hennessy XO in a restaurant the other day and I must say it's really good. A bit too much of wood, but still very round. a good cognac!

                          Garden 2012-04-08

                          Hennessy XO is really something for beginners.. for quite a high price. I mean, value for money wise, this cognac is not really the greatest. But, it's a rather female, soft XO with a nice finish. If you want a good cognac, which is available everywhere, you will buy Hennessy XO. Compared to Martell XO for example it's really rounder and softer.. but not everyone likes that.

                            Max 2012-04-08

                            Hi guys, please comment regarding Pure White in the article/bottle page of Pure White.. thanks!

                              Gene 2012-04-08

                              Let me know about getting a bottle of Pure White.

                                Shang Huang 2012-03-19

                                Where can find it for $ 100 bottle?

                                  Don Henny 2012-03-18

                                  I can help you for Pure White.Leave contact info so i can reach you

                                    johan 2012-03-06

                                    my friend has that cognac and he got it over 30 years ago as a wedding present in thailand and its still not open! how mutch can he get for it, what's that that cognac worth?

                                      Matthew 2012-03-04

                                      How much for the hennessy pure white jean paul?and would u ship to the US?

                                        Lars 2011-12-26

                                        Agree above, since I first tasted a XO - it was a Hennessy. Thx for opening my eyes for this cognac (or better opened my mouth :-)

                                          Ron 2011-12-11

                                          The best cognac I know! You know what you get, and it's good quality. I've had other XOs and I was not always pleased..

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                                            Hennessy XO Extra Old

                                            Hennessy XO Extra Old

                                            It's a powerful and rather woody blend, with spicy aromas, complex but remains round. This rich cognac brings oak and leather together with slightly sweet notes of flower and fruit. A well balanced work, with a good sense of pepper and rancio. More a masculine XO.

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