André Petit XO Très Rare Cognac

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André Petit Cognac

The Andre Petit XO Tres Rare Cognac is created solely from eaux-de-vie from the Bons Bois terroir of the region.  Family, tradition, and quality are what the house of Andre Petit stand for, and it really is apparant when it comes to this XO.  It's complex, yet round and smooth, with great rancio - if you're new to this Cognac house, this super value for money XO would be a wondeful introduction.

Hints of vegetation, vanilla, and old prunes are immediately noticable.  This is a delightful Cognac to enjoy as a digestif after a good meal.  For the adventurous out there, try dropping in a couple of rocks of ice to release a different taste sensation.  This would be a great addition to anyone who appreciates great Cognac, as most of the components aged for around 25 years, creatings a much older Cognac than you'd expect for the cost.  A great buy.

Cognac age:
Growth area:
Bons Bois
Bottle size:
Age (maximum):
25 years

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Tasting Notes

Tasting review:

A fine nose, very complex notes, strong rancio, vanilla and old dark fruit. Round and smooth.

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Aftertaste (Finish)
Value for money

A lot of wood & spices

I really like this XO although the nose is a bit dry, the mouth is a nice fresh splash! The after taste is a bit rough but I prefer this compared to flat finishes.

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dmitry slavin 2011-12-14

i am interested about this cognac xo

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    André Petit XO Très Rare

    André Petit XO Très Rare

    Tasting review:

    A fine nose, very complex notes, strong rancio, vanilla and old dark fruit. Round and smooth.

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