Remi Landier VSOP Cognac

Remi Landier Cognac

The Remi Landier VSOP Cognac is created from eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois terroir of the region.  Influenced by the soils in the area, such cognacs have a unique flavor, and this one delights with its distinctive notes of pressed grapes and mild spices.

It's a great staple cognac to own, due to its versatility.  Enjoy it neat as a digestif or aperitif.  Drop in a block of ice or a few drops of water for a subtle taste difference - or if you prefer, use it as a base for your favorite cocktail.  It can also be enjoyed over ice and combined with a mixer for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

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Fins Bois
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A small, artisan house, Remi Landier Cognac produce a small range of  delightful quality cognacs, including some ultra-special creations that are perfect for special occasions.

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Remi Landier VSOP

Remi Landier VSOP

No tasting review available.

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