Armagnac Monluc 1951

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Eye: Antique amber.

Nose: Balanced scents of honey, walnut, licorice and grape skins. Bold nutty character, complemented by some spices.  

Palate: Dry, with plenty of toasted oak and wine-like tannins, though kept under control by the mature mouthfeel. Hazelnut and dried fruits drift into a long finish. 


Mid-Century Charm: Armagnac Monluc 1951

This vintage Armagnac has been crafted exclusively from grapes harvested in 1951. The Armagnac Monluc 1951 has been matured in black oak barrels for over half a century, developing a rich array of aromas and a deep amber hue. Representing one single harvest, this Armagnac gives an insight into a time gone by, showing the unique characteristics imparted by one year’s climate. The Château is located in Ténarèze, where the clay-limestone soils give lively and dry wines, resulting in extraordinary eaux-de-vie showing finesse, liveliness, complexity and suppleness.

Faithful to their strong family traditions, Monluc is the seat of an important wine estate, where they produce Armagnac, Pays de Côtes de Gascogne wines as well as various liqueurs. Here in the heart of Gascony, the area surrounding the Château de Monluc has been inhabited continuously since Neolithic times, with the castle evolving over centuries from the original wooden watchtower to the imposing walled mansion that it is today.

In the 16th Century, the castle was home to Blaise de Monluc (1500 - 1577), a Gascon captain who distinguished himself during his long military career to obtain the office of Marshal of France at the age of 74, in gratitude for services rendered for no less than five different kings of France. These days, it is home to the fifth generation of Armagnac producers, expressing a passion rooted in terroir and history. With the ardour of a Gascon captain, here they aim to help people discover and appreciate the art of Armagnac for years to come. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The classic, straight bottle features a deep punt and a wax emblem matching the foil. The label is intricate with rough-cut edges, calligraphy lettering and gold foil, while the vintage is prominently displayed. The wooden box features a simple gold clasp, emphasizing the elegant simplicity of this expression. 

How to Serve Armagnac Monluc 1951

We recommend serving this elegant vintage Armagnac as a digestif, matched with dessert or even a cigar. Pour into a tulip glass and let the spirit rest for up to a minute before taking a sip - this will allow the aromas to fully develop and lead into a luxurious palate and finish. 

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