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Augier Le Singulier Cognac

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Augier Cognac

Augier Le Singulier Grande Champagne Cognac can be described as invigorating and expressive cognac. The body is very rounded. Fruit aromas are met with subtle wood notes on the palate. Grape: Folle Blanche (a rare grape variety with a unique aromatic intensity). The eaux-de-vies used in this blend are grown solely in the premier terroir of the region - Grande Champagne.

A rare, traditional variety with remarkable aromatic intensity.

Cognac age:
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Grande Champagne
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Great spirit

I am not a huge cognac fan but this one is just great: i am not sure how old the cognac is but it tastes fairly mature. I was told that the typical taste in this is because of the grande champagne growth area.. obviously i am not really able to identify why. Compared to rum, whisky and gin (my normal territory) this is the first cognac i really like. good value for money ffor sure

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Augier Le Singulier

Augier Le Singulier

No tasting review available.

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