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Augier Cognac

Augier Cognac

Established in 1643 by a wine merchant, Cognac Augier is one of the oldest Cognac houses in existence. The brand has been responsible for reigniting interest in neglected terroirs and grapes, such as the rare Folle Blanche variety or lesser-known Bois Ordinaires cru. 370 years after being founded, the brand was given new life in 2013 under the stewardship of the legendary French group Pernod Ricard.

The expert craftsmanship that can only be developed after hundreds of years of experience is evident in every Cognac Augier produce, implementing traditional distillation, non-chill filtration and never using additives or artificial colors, thus preserving the eaux-de-vie's balance and aromatic complexity.

The brand's charming and chic designs for their bottles perfectly demonstrate the quality and care applied to every aspect of the Cognacs they produce. The modern rebrand of this established Maison has seen huge success and has been a huge hit amongst Cognac connoisseurs across the world.

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History of Augier Cognac

When most of the region of Cognac were still discovering the potential of grapes, wine and eaux-de-vie, wine merchant Philippe Augier and his brother Daniel were establishing what is now one of the oldest Cognac houses in the world. The estate was established on the famous Rue Saulnier in Cognac itself, right at the heart of the action. Unfortunately, the rise in large local families like the Otards, the Hennessys and the Martells saw Augier's position decline over the course of the 19th and 20th century. It was only in 2013, when Pernod-Ricard discovered the potential that the brand had, that the estate found fame once again. 

Augier Today

Augier's return to the limelight after being purchased by Pernod-Ricard set the wheels in motion for a new way to stand out as a unique brand with a rich history. Focus is placed on quality, rather than quantity. With limited production and select batches being a preference of the house. Adapting to the increasing demand of natural, artisanal methods with transparent production processes, the brand is now pleasing the palates of Cognac connoisseurs the world over thanks to its innovative choices in grape variety, specific lees distillation or even a mineral flavor profile. The Maison has a small-time "boutique" quality thanks to its limited production of 10,000 cases and edgy designs, meaning despite being owned by a large group, it still retains an element of local, artisanal and artistic independence.

Since its major rebranding, Augier has earned a reputation as a Cognac for geeks, thanks to the explicit information on how each Cognac is made featuring on its bottle. With no talk of VSOPs of XO's, the brand celebrates other aspects of the spirit, rather than its age. The Cognacs are versatile and can be enjoyed neat or mixed.

Flagship Products

The Augier brand has 3 Cognacs available, being selective in their choice of what to produce in order to bring consumers something unique and special each and every time.

  • Le Sauvage - this bold and "wild" cognac uses traditional and natural fine lees distillation, with notes of vibrant fruit, it celebrates the Cognac region's emblematic Ugni Blanc grape variety. Grown in Petite Champagne, it is a distinctive, structured and powerful cognac with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and candied apricot. Awarded the Gold Medal in the Spirits Selection category at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2019, it's definitely worth trying out this Petite Champagne perfection.
  • Le Singulier - a Fine Champagne blend with a rich and complex character. It contains eaux-de-vie distilled from the rare Folle Blanche grape variety, providing a unique tasting experience for even the most discerning drinker (as 98% of Cognacs use Ugni Blanc...) Again using a natural fine lees distillation process gives this Cognac a more refined, expressive flavor profile, with individually identifiable aromas. It took home Gold at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2018 thanks to its florality, aromatic intensity and complexity.
  • L'Océanique - a celebration of the lesser-known Bois Ordinaires terroir, this Cognac boasts a particularly coastal character, incorporating eaux-de-vie distilled from grapes grown on the Island of Oléron off the southwest coast of France. This rare Cognac has an undeniable marine influence with its fresh, mineral qualities and is a perfect pairing following a fish course, a delightfully floral and mineral digestif to finish off your evening. Augier's L'Océanique earned an Excellent rating of 92 at the Ultimate Spirits Competition in 2019, its brisk citrus notes balanced by caramel and mineral make it a refined and refreshing drinking experience.

Interesting Facts about Augier

Many believe that Augier is, in fact, the world's first-ever Cognac house, predating the term 'Cognac' itself, when most people referred to distilled eaux-de-vie as "brandy wine" or one of its variations. 

Visit Augier Cognac

Unfortunately there is no information about visiting Augier Cognac, so we recommend you contact them directly if you'd like to see the estate and learn more.

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