De Luze Cognac

De Luze Cognac

The cognac house has a uniquely interesting history, with the origins of the company in New York! Two brothers set off to find success in the New World in the early 19th century. And they did. De Luze is still a successful business with 410 hectares of vineyards in the prime growing area of Cognac. Their philosophy is to create a natural cognac with an elegant and light taste and colour.

Visit De Luze: Le Bois ,16130 Angeac-Champagne ,+33 (0)545837272 ,Contact the cognac house for arranged tours of the estate.

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History of De Luze Cognac

It is interesting to witness such an international history in a cognac house. Of course, many of the big cognac players have developed huge international acclaim and distribute widely all over the world. But De Luze in fact came into existence through an international set-up right at the beginning, which was rather unsual for a French company in the 19th century. In 1817, the two brothers Alfred and Louis-Philippe De Luze took off to New York to build up business relations in America. After setting up shop, they realized that it would be more productive if one of them actually was based in the cognac region in order to build up a strong export/import business. So Alfred returned to Bordeaux and founded the cognac house De Luze & Fils with his sons, a company dealing in Bordeaux wine and cognac and distributing via his brother's agency in New York. This went on for 40 years during which they set up a strong network within Europe as well.

By 1862 business was flourishing, and Alfred and his family bought the Chateau Paveil, situated in the best Bordeaux wine growing area of Margaux. They also acquired the Domaine de Chaine, located in Cognac's prime growing area, the Grande Champagne. It was De Luze's philosophy to focus on only the best quality produce in order to create number one cognac and wine.

De Luze Today

De Luze was purchased in 2006 by the Boinaud Family of Angeac Champagne. Wine-growers exploiting an Estate of 410 ha of Grande Champagne vines, owners of Cognac's biggest private distillery, 41 pot-stills, and tracing their history back to 1640 at Le Bois d'Angeac (hence their family name Boinaud, or Bois-naud, man from the forest), the Boinaud Family is one of the oldest and most respected Cognac producing families of the Appellation.

Philosophy, Anecdotes and Old Cognac Labels

De Luze have a very particular philosophy, believing in high and pure quality. The cognac house distills only the unfiltered wines to get the thick texture, and they have a higher percentage of Grande Champagne in their Fine Champagne blends, to give a "3D taste profile" (flowers, fruit and spices). They refuse to add the caramel to guarantee the natural taste, texture and colour of the ensemble.

Recent awards include a Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010, and Silver medals at International Wine & Spirit Competition award in 2010 and the Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb award in 2009.

Visit De Luze

De Luze are happy to welcome you on their estate and show you around. Contact them directly to make an appointment.


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luis 2013-10-08

good night, seeing the statue of liberty shine 700euros

Sonya 2012-10-16

Can you please me help determine the worth of a Cognac De Luze bottle of cognac that I have. The following information is on the bottle: Grand Cognac De Luze Fournisseur De La Cour De S.M La Reine De Danemark Baccarat crystal A723 I would appreciate any insight that you may have.

Paul 2012-08-09

I just bought a bottle of this very smooth XO at the "Beverages and More" on Geary street in San Francisco (Bay Area). I have seen it in other "Beverages and More" stores around the Bay Area too. I belive this is a recent availibility. Buy a bottle you won't be disapointed.

Daniel 2012-06-18

I was trying to find this very bottle, in live in California in the bay area but have had no luck, I tried the website but can't find the buy page

Bob Eastham 2012-01-30

Hi JM Thanks for your message. We are only just now beginning to launch our brand in the US and PA is not on the initial list of States. In the meantime therefore, I suggest that you order online through our 'buy on line' page on the DE LUZE internet site Our partner, the Cognathèque, has all the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that the bottle gets to you. Kind regards, Bob

jum 2012-01-28

Can you tell me where I might order this cognac from. I want to give it as a gift and our PA spirit state stores do not seem to carry it? thanks JM

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