Armagnac Jean Cavé 1989

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Armagnac 1989 by Jean Cavé - Toasty Time Travel for Vintage Lovers

Sharing its year of harvest with major moments in history such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, Armagnac 1989 has a lot to live up to. But with its fresh palate, highly complex aromas and toasty finish, it fits the bill and then some. Made by the Jean Cavé house and reflecting prime terroir in the Gascony region of southwest France, it acts as a delectable timestamp of the climatic conditions of 1989, guaranteeing singular sensations.

Jean Cavé has a proud history that dates back over 130 years. It was in 1883 that Jean Cavé expanded his horizons from being a local winegrower in Lannepax to establishing a distillery and production business with his wife and children. Today, Jean Cavé is led by Henri Cavé - a fourth generation family member continuing the living history of the craftsmanship that Jean started.

Armagnac 1989 is introduced by an alluring Gascon Pot, rich ruby reds complementing the clear color of the brandy that glints with amber reflections. Rich but non-aggressive tannins accompany the fresh, rounded palate, and the brandy’s finish is complex, notes of intense, woody toastiness forming its finale. Armagnac 1989’s singular nature ensures that it is best consumed neat - but the pleasure doesn’t end at the taste buds. This vintage Armagnac’s aromas are made up of a diverse family of both sweet and sour - notes of cocoa and vanilla combine with subtle spices and a memorable hit of earthy rancio to achieve a wholly unforgettable voyage through time.

Jean Cavé is a decorated house, with a strong awards record. In 2016, it took home three prizes at the World Armagnac Awards.

With its rich family history and complete sensory experience, Armagnac 1989 is ultimately rendered as unforgettable as the iconic year of its harvest.

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