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Gin has experienced an exciting renaissance in recent years, and is now one of the most innovative spirits in the industry. It is a distilled spirit created with a neutral spirit and botanical juniper berries that has not been aged. Gin is a surprisingly complex spirit with a deep reaching history, and we have a diverse selection for you to choose from.

There is history of the existence of gin since the Middle Ages as a herbal medicine, however it became largely popular in England in the 17th century. In 1689, the tax was raised on foreign spirits in England, which encouraged the distillation of English spirits as a result. During frosty winters in London, sellers popped up along the Thames selling hot gin, and soon a “Gin Craze” was underway. Gin demand soon outran the demand for beer, and gin-shops sprang up across the country. In the early years when gin production was unregulated, it was distilled with the likes of turpentine and other untoward ingredients and became infamous for its negative social effects. It was nicknamed “Mother’s Ruin” for the problems caused among families.

In 1832, the column still was invented and was the preferred method for distilling neutral spirits and creating the “London Dry” gin. This involved accenting citrus notes, such as orange peel, lemon and other spices such as anise, angelica root, liquorice, cinnamon, cubeb, lime peel, saffron, coriander, cassia bark, nutmeg, almond, baobab and more. Another notable style created in the column still is the "Plymouth Gin", that is noticeably sweeter than the London Dry.

As reforms took place in the 19th century, gin production became refined with subtle flavors, and became a drink associated with high society and cosmopolitanism.

London Dry Gin was renowned for being easy to drink, subtle, and great with cocktails such as the Martini. The “gin and tonic” has remained one of the most iconic and refreshing drinks to this day. Sloe gin is a type of liqueur created by infusing sloe berries, and modern versions and mixologists have certainly raised the bar in terms of distilling gin from new neutral spirits and botanics.

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