Armagnac Puysegur Hors d'Age

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Bas-Armagnac Hors d'Age from Puységur - A Worthy Addition for Armagnac Connaisseurs

Having spent over 12 years in oak barrels, Puségur Armagnac Hors D’Age is primed to perfection. This mature blend from the award-winning Armagnac house is rich and structured, full of character and finesse. Puségur Armagnac Hors D’Age comes from the revered Gers region, and reflects the tawny hues and gentle, temperate climate that make up the esteemed terroir.

Puységur is named after Jacques de Chastenet de Puységur, born by the ancient towers that guarded the area for centuries. He was a 17th century Marquis and advisor to King Louis XIII, and his son was Maréchal de Puységur, Knight of the Orders of the King and of Saint-Louis. It is from this ancestral enrichment that the Puységur vineyards produce their high quality brandies.

Figs and nuts form the foundation of this mature eau-de-vie’s lush bouquet, with vanilla notes and spicy sensations rounding out its impact. It has an ample, structured taste with a toasty finish, fully experienced when taken neat. Puységur Armagnac Hors D’Age captivates connaisseurs with its elegant Ariane bottle. Its heavy glass base supports a sleek, slender neck and tall body, and its golden color partners with touches of light amber to complete its pristine picture.

Puségur Armagnac Hors D’Age is just one of a series of award-winning brandies from Puységur. In 2017, they were recognised by the World Armagnac Awards for their Hors D’Age Extra Premium. Armagnac aficionados will not be disappointed by this fine offering from a fantastic house.

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