Armagnac Clés des Ducs XO Carafe Martelée

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Clés des Ducs XO CARAFE

The Armagnac XO Carafe Clés des Ducs Martéle is part of a limited series of blended Armagnac produced by the house of Clés des Ducs. Produced in the terroir, best known for its tawny sands - this Armagnac seller spreads its land over the villages of Panjas, Maupas and Estang.

Dating all the way back to the 15th century the house of Clés des Ducs is rich in history and expertise. At the heart of the brand's values is the priority is to highlight the fruit in the eaux-de-vie, with aromas from the ageing.

Using almost exclusively the Ugni Blanc grape variety, unlike many other classic Armagnacs, Armagnac XO has very little wood influence. Therefore, after the process of distillation is complete, the house of Cles des Ducs favour the aging process to take place in barrels that have had a light to medium toasting. This way the rich aromas of this Armagnac XO can evoke a unique contrast in the sweet and spicy notes present as they travel across the senses.

Presentation of the Bottle

Presented in a beautifully smooth, round shaped carafe - this bottle oozes elegance and sophistication. Save for a special occasion or purchase this bottle as a generous gift. When hosting or with guests, pour the carefully produced Armagnac from the carafe into matching tulip glasses for a soirée rich in experience that won’t be forgotten.

How to best taste Armagnac XO

Adapt tasting to your mood as both traditional and contemporary methods work incredibly with Armagnac XO. Drink as a digestive at room temperature, allowing the Armagnac to stand for up to 10 minutes before consumption. Or alternatively pair with a dessert as the sweet and spicy aromas compliment other candied flavourings wonderfully.

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