A short history

Our website is a close knit project, run by a family that's been living in the Charente region for over 50 years.

Coming from an agricultural background, our grandfather having farmed and owned a vineyard, we've always been dedicated to the Cognac region, the people and naturally, to the drink we all know as Cognac. We have great admiration not only for the bigger houses such as Courvoisier, Camus and Hine, but also the smaller, family Cognac producers.

One day we were driving through the vineyards close to Blanzac, in the Fins Bois region, when we discovered a small producer we'd never seen or heard of before: This led us to think that there are so many brands out there that people don't know about. Neighbours, producers and friends have since introduced us to the wide field of different brandies and the whole Cognac experience. For example, one evening at a dinner in the neighbourhood our host presented a seemingly simple VSOP. And it also came with an anecdote about a winegrower who wanted to convince the cellar master of Hennessy that he could produce a great blend, so he created that particular VSOP solely with that in mind. It was a fantastic blend... but one couldn't buy it. It was situations such as this that led us to the idea to start a blog about the most famous of all brandies, Cognac. In the beginning we just started with a small blog, with a short piece reporting about the latest VS Cognac our father had brought home.

Today it's a much more than a blog; it's a website with a list of all cognac brands and producers, bottles and products, as well as a place that users on a global scale can exchange and talk about their experiences.

These days we regularly visit estates from André Petit and Bache-Gabrielsen to Rémy Martin and Martell, have the privilege to taste rare Vintage or XO Cognacs; and we can exchange with enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It's fantastic.

We created this website to share the unbelievable diversity of brandy brands and producers with an international readership, and we must say - it works!

Sophie and Max


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Halloween Cognac Cocktails

Okay, so it’s that time of year again. You know, the clocks are changing, less light in the evenings and for many of us, it’s dark when we go to work, and dark when we leave. Enough to wipe the smile from even the most optimistic of person’s face… But hold on a moment –...

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New Release: Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition Cognac by Peter Saville

Hennessy are creating quite a reputation for collaborating with top names to create unique products. Now it’s the turn of acclaimed British designer and art director, Peter Saville, to come on board. This new edition to the VSOP Privilege Collector’s Series is the Hennessy...

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How to Taste Cognac

When it comes to enjoying our favourite drink, it can be a little confusing for the novice drinker to know exactly how cognac should be tasted. Of course, those who’ve been sipping for many years will have their own tried and tested methods, but for those new to cognac, the...

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Introducing: Pierre Lecat Cognac

Pierre Lecat Cognac may be a new cognac brand - with the first bottles arriving earlier this year - the history of their cognac, however, dates back some eighty years and is very much a family affair. The family-owned farm in Saint Fraigne has supplied quality eaux-de-vie...

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Marketplace: Your Bottle


Otard Francois Premier Grande Fine Champagne

A reader has a great Otard cognac bottle at home: OTARD FRANCOIS I BRAND COGNAC. The bottle is located in Gallup, New Mexico USA. The Reader writes "When my mother immigrated to Gallup, New Mexico from Croatia in 1957 she worked in a bar that her father owned. A salesman...

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J. Calvet & C. Cognac

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Privilège Reserve du Prince Cognac Limited Selection

A reader has a Privilege Cognac bottle at home: privilege reserve du prince. The bottle is located in Miami dade Florida. The Reader writes "I have owned this bottle for about 14 years now. I have a small collection of Burgundy that I was trying to find a new home for.I...

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