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Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier Gold was just launched! This liqueur is light and could be seen as the brother of Rosé: A blend of Moscato wine from the South of France and Courvoisier's signature cognac. The alcohol ABV is at only 18% (and not at 40% like a real cognac). A very interesting new product! The new Courvoisier GOLD cognac is a complement to Courvoisier Rose, was first launched in June 2011, by blending the house's cognac with premium French red wine grapes for a light. Courvoisier Gold comes in a 750ml bottle and has a suggested retail price of $24.99.

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Courvoisier is amongst the four leading cognac houses in the world. Legend has it that the emperor Napoleon himself chose Courvoisier as his preferred cognac, therefore Courvoisier is often referred to as “The Cognac of Napoleon”. The company dates back to 1828 and since has its headquarters in the town of Jarnac. With prestigious bottles such as Courvoisier Napoleon or Josephine, the cognac house is at the top of the luxury spirits market. The drink is strongly engrained in US Hip Hop culture with Busta Rhymes and P Diddy dedicating the song “Pass the Courvoisier” to the traditional cognac.

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magoo 2013-04-20

I love it. Has a great taste of both brandyand wine. I will keep product in my liquor cabinet for sure.

    Anne 2013-02-05

    I tried this Cognac the first time to day(2/5/13) and it will be my main drink .

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      Courvoisier Gold Liqueur

      Courvoisier Gold Liqueur

      Courvoisier says Gold has "notes of honey harmonizing with the rich and complex aromas".

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