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Courvoisier Cognac

The Cognac of Napoleon, Courvoisiers Fine Champagne, comes in a 70 cl bottle (40% ABV). The eaux-de-vie of this cognac com from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the heart of the cognac region. When spirits from both of the growth areas are blended, one als speaks about a Fine Champagne origin. Courvoisiers Napoleon received one star in the Guide Hachette.

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Petite Champagne
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Tasting Notes

A mellow, but powerful cognac in the nose, dried fruits and orange honey - elegant and round in the mouth.

Courvoisier is amongst the four leading cognac houses in the world. Legend has it that the emperor Napoleon himself chose Courvoisier as his preferred cognac, therefore Courvoisier is often referred to as “The Cognac of Napoleon”. The company dates back to 1828 and since has its headquarters in the town of Jarnac. With prestigious bottles such as Courvoisier Napoleon or Josephine, the cognac house is at the top of the luxury spirits market. The drink is strongly engrained in US Hip Hop culture with Busta Rhymes and P Diddy dedicating the song “Pass the Courvoisier” to the traditional cognac.

7 reviews for Courvoisier Napoléon Fine Champagne

fulvio 2013-01-07

I have a very old bottle of Napoleon Cognac Fine Champagne No. ER8264, 1 US quart. I beleive it is approx. 45 years old. It was always kept at proper temperature. I wish to know what is the value today. Many thanksFulvio

    Dennis 2012-11-01

    I have a bottle of Cournvoisier Napoleon Cogac that was purchased in 1947. I am not sure how old it was when purchased. It is at least 70 years old. The # is H01121. It is unopened. I am trying to find out what it is worth. Ideas?Thanks.

      Michael Andrews 2012-10-13

      Hi.I have a unopened Courvoisier Cognac mounted as a cannon.Has any one a price.Thank you

        wal 2012-06-25

        i got a DV8950 in the box mint. smells old, no year visible, just a limited no.

          Eric 2012-06-21

          I have the same with serial # a06635 has anyone given you any feedback?

            Michelle Nelson 2012-04-26

            We have 3 bottles of the same. Limited numer Py3877...How old are these?

              Sharon 2012-01-27

              HiVery interesting website. I really enjoy it.I have a bottle of Courvoisier Napoleon Cognac. It is numbered 10 3400 and is on a “wood and brass cannon”. I have had it 40 years already. Cansomeone tell me if and when it will deteriorate. Should I drink it or sell it?Thanks for any help you can provide.

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                Courvoisier Napoléon Fine Champagne

                Courvoisier Napoléon Fine Champagne

                A mellow, but powerful cognac in the nose, dried fruits and orange honey - elegant and round in the mouth.

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