Larsen Summer Blend: Eau de Vie de Vin, no Cognac

Larsen Cognac

The Larsen Summer Blend is a rather unique concept: Not a cognac but an eau de vie de vin. It's created from a fruity blend of very young eaux-de-vie - each aged for around 6 months in oak barrels.  This short aging process is carried out in small oak barrels, and this enhance the aromas, reduces the youthful power, yet allowing the each wine to retain its freshness and intensity.

However, what this blend is great for is to use in cocktails or with ice and a mixer to create a cooling summer drink - hence the name, Summer Blend.  A versatile and great value bottle to have in your drinks cabinet.

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2 years

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Known as ‘The Cognac of Vikings,’ Larsen Cognac has striven to produce and offer products of high quality at selected points of sale throughout the world. A family run concern, the story of Larsen Cognac dates back to 1926 when Jens Reidar Larsen made the move from his home country of Norway to France. Seduced by the quality of the brandy that came from Cognac, he devoted much time and effort to become a connoisseur in the subject, and naturally progressed to owning and running his own cognac house. Today, Larsen Cognacs are as well known for their luxury packaging as the quality of their eaux-de-vie, with Limoges Porcelain and Baccarat Crystal featuring strongly with many of their premium cognacs.

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Larsen Summer Blend: Eau de Vie de Vin, no

Larsen Summer Blend: Eau de Vie de Vin, no

No tasting review available.