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Trilogy Cognac Augier: Océanique Cognac

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Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Bois Ordinaires

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Augier Cognac
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Tasting review

A wonderful tasting set from Augier Cognac.  The set comprises 3 x full sized, 700ml bottles:

  • Augier Océanique Cognac
  • Augier Sauvage Cognac
  • Augier Singulier Cognac


The Trilogy Augier Cognac is a wonderful set that comprises full sized (700ml) bottles of the three Cognacs created by this traditional, artisan producer.  Each is of Napoleon quality, and a single-growth, single-grape creation.  It's a wonderful set that allows the purchaser to truly compare and contrast how the various gowth regions and grapes can provide such a different taste experience.

And, of course, purchasing the three bottles together in this tasting set offers an attractive discount on the cost of the individual bottles.

The set is made up of the following:

1 x full sized bottle of Augier Océanique Cognac: Created from Ugni Blanc eaux-de-vie grown in the little-known terroir of Bois Ordinaires, on the Island of Oléron.  Grapes grown here are influenced by the spray of the ocean, impactinng on them unique mineral notes and a hint of salt from the sea.

1 x full sized bottle of Augier Sauvage Singular Cognac:  This Petite Champagne Cognac is made from Ugni Blanc grapes, and the chalky soils of the terroir have given this Cognac true structure and balance.  it's a real taste experience to contrast this with Océanique - both created from the same grape but a true discovery into how environmental differences can create such a different final product.

1 x full sized bottle of Augier Singulier Cognac:  A Fine Champagne, Folle Blanche eaux-de-vie that's both rich and complex.  The Folle Blanche grape has a remarkable aromatic intensity, yet is one of the rarer grapes used to produce Cognac.  This has led to a Cognac that manages to fine-balance the true aromatic experience with the finesse necessary for a powerful, yet delicate taste.

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About Augier Cognac

This may come as a surprise, but Cognac Augier is the oldest of all the existing cognac houses. It was established in 1643 by a wine merchant, during a time when the region was still finding out about the potential of its grapes, wine, and distilled eau-de-vie. No one knew at that time what a success story Cognac would soon have worldwide.

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