Jules Gautret Cognac

Cognac Jules Gautret produce a wide range of cognacs under the larger company of UniCognac. The cognacs are all produced from the grapes of the Petite Champagne and the house has a history that can be traced back to 1847.

Visit Jules Gautret: ZI de St Germain de Lusignan, Route de St Genis, 17503 Jonzac, +33 (0)546481099, Contact UniCognac to visit the company. www.unicognac.comOther products by Jules Gautret: wine

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Jules Gautret Cognac

Jules Gautret Cognac

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History of Cognac Jules Gautret

Jules Gautret Cognac was set up under the name of the man who created the company, Jules Gautret, in 1847. Based in Jonzac, in the Petite Champagne region of Cognac, the cognac house has stayed in the family ever since. In the second half of the 1900s, Jules Gautret Cognac was purchased by UniCognac (then known as Coopérative des Viticulteurs Charentais) – a large bottling, storage and export company, which is also based in Jonzac.

Jules Gautret Cognac Today

In 2007 UniCognac built a new storage and bottling plant to house the large quantities of cognac they are producing. The company is committed to exporting their wares to a global consumer base, and Jules Gautret Cognac is enjoyed in over 40 countries throughout the world.

News, Products and Prices

Jules Gautret cognacs cover a wide range – from a VS, Jules Gautret VSOP cognac through to an XO cognac and beyond. Prices range from around €25 per bottle for a VS upwards. Their flagship product is the Jules Gautret Cognac Extra, a luxury cognac encased in a beautiful Athena decanter and packaged in a dark blue and gold box.

Jules Gautret also produce a Pineau des Charentes that once again comes in an elegant decanter and packaging.

Visit Cognac Jules Gautret

There is no information available about visiting Cognac Jules Gautret. However, it is possible to visit UniCognac all year round. Contact the company for further information.