Jules Gautret Extra Cognac

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Jules Gautret Cognac

Jules Gautret Extra Cognac comes in a "Athéna" decanter. It's at least 6 years aged in oak barrels.

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No review on Jules Gautret Extra cognac.

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Q&A for Jules Gautret Extra

Armandine 2012-01-30

I am wanting to purchase a bottle of the Jules Gautret Extra Cognac 70cl (in the Athena decanter), but I cannot find anywhere online that sells it. Please can you advise on where I can get a bottle of this from?

    A Cole 2012-01-30

    Where can I buy a bottle of this cognac from?

      Sophie 2011-12-19

      Hi, the price of the Jules Gautret Extra cognac is at 100-120 USD, around 85-90 €.

        Max 2011-12-18

        Hello I have this cognac and I want to know what is this price of this CognacThanks

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          Jules Gautret Extra

          Jules Gautret Extra

          No review on Jules Gautret Extra cognac.

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