Francois Voyer Cognac

The 28 hectares of vineyard are situated in Grande Champagne region, the 1st Cru of Cognac, renowned for its profound after taste, its aromatic power and its ability of long ageing. Voyer Cognac is a family run cognac domain that is passionate about every detail in making cognac - their cognacs can be found in the best restaurants in France (Ducasse, Lucas Carton, Laurent). The vineyards are in Verrières and Ambleville; the house has been in the business since the 1870s. The product range is classical, with young and old blends for those who don’t like to follow the crowd. Cognac Francois Voyer also offers a range of exceptionally old vintage bottles. Voyer's exceptional knowledge and attention to detail allows to not just make fine cognac, but to craft cognac.

Visit Francois Voyer: Le Maine Verret, 16130 Verrieres, +33 (0)545830298, www.cognac-voyer.frOther products by Francois Voyer: Pineau des Charentes

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Francois Voyer Cognac

Francois Voyer Cognac

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History of Francois Voyer

Since the French Revolution the Voyer family is cultivating its vineyards in the villages of Verrières and Ambleville, both prime locations in the Grande Champagne region and home to many cognac producers. At the end of the nineteenth century, Paul André was one of the only winegrowers distilling his own production. Today, thanks to him, the oldest vintage in Voyer's cellar is more than 70 years old.

Like other small distillers, Francois Voyer cognac is made solely with self-produced grapes. The family grows, distills and bottles themselves in order to control quality and stick to traditional values in cognac making. The expert knowledge of the family has been passed from father to son for five generations, since 1870.

Francois Voyer Today

2011 is proving to be another successful year for Cognac Voyer.

The family run company now boasts the coveted Gold Oak Leaf from the San Fransisco World Spirit Competition. The award was given for the quality of Voyer ‘eau de vie’ confirming that all their cognacs start from this golden pedigree.

This new award joins the rest of a prestigious collection, “Concours General Agricole 2010” in Paris, “International Wine and Spirit Competition 2008” in London, “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008” and the “International Spirits Challenge 2007 and 2008” in London.

The latest award has drawn the attention of the international press including ‘Revue du Vin de France’, ‘Drinks International’ and Germany's ‘Der Feinschmecker’.

Already appreciated in more than 30 countries, Voyer Cognac is one of France’s yet to be discovered treasures.