Prunier XO Axel Gay Cognac

Prunier Cognac

Prunier XO Axel Gay Cognac is named after Prunier's cellar master from 1972-2003.  This Grande Champagne cognac reflects his style and character.  Each eaux-de-vie within the blend has been aged for between 15-20 years.  This particular cognac is created every 31 March in the year following the harvest.

Prunier say that the nose is fine and complex, with notes of hazlenuts, almonds, and dried fruties.  On the palate enjoy a round, balanced taste with an lovely lengthy finish.

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Grande Champagne
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Steeped in tradition, Cognac Prunier is a family run firm with cellars in the heart of the town of Cognac. The house does not own its own vineyards, instead, they buy the eaux-de-vie directly from supplying vine growers and distillers each year, and then carry out the ageing process in their own cellars.

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Prunier XO Axel Gay

Prunier XO Axel Gay

No tasting notes available.