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Bache Gabrielsen XO Cuvée Maria No. 99 Cognac

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Bache Gabrielsen Cognac
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Tasting review

Eye: Deep golden amber. 

Nose: Aromas dominated by ripe apricot and citrus peel, layered over a foundation of French oak. 

Palate: Initially soft with a full mouthfeel. Elegant fruits blend with plenty of wood characteristics, leading to a fantastically long finish. 


Bache Gabrielsen XO Cuvée Maria No. 99 Cognac

Bache Gabrielsen Cuvée Maria No. 99 Cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie, with 80% sourced from Fins Bois and the remaining 20% from selected top distillers in Grande and Petite Champagne. The former gives the blend a rustic body and structure, while the Fine Champagne components lend Cuvée Maria a fruity top note and sumptuous concentration of flavour. Matured for an average of 12-15 years, this is a well-balanced XO Cognac which delivers plenty of Fins Bois character. 

The Bache Gabrielsen Cuvée Series has been put together by Toralf Bølgen, one of Norway’s top wine and spirit connoisseurs, and Jean-Philippe Bergier, Bache-Gabrielsen’s Cellar Master. Each release has been named after one of their daughters; this bottle is named after Maria Bølgen, daughter of Toralf, born in 1993. 

The history of Bache Gabrielsen starts with Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, a young lieutenant from Norway, who he moved to Charente in 1903 to join his friend Peter Rustad in the Cognac business. Two years later, they took over the house A. Edmond Dupuy and gave it a new name: Rustad & Bache Gabrielsen. Thomas fully settled in the region, marrying a local woman who also worked in the Cognac industry. Peter sadly passed away suddenly in 1916, after which Thomas took over the whole business, eventually passing it to his son Réné. Today, Bache Gabrielsen is run by fourth-generation company director Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen. While keeping an eye on tradition, as an economist, Hervé also knows the importance of staying relevant in an ever-changing world. 

Bache Gabrielsen Cognac is currently distributed in the European Union, Japan, Taiwan, Russia and the USA, as well as Central and South America. Most importantly, Thomas would probably have been glad to know that the Cognac brand he founded is now the market leader in his native Norway, selling 1 million bottles per year.

Presentation of the Bottle

Pairing classic glass design with a modern label, this release perfectly encapsulates the combination of Cognac tradition and the young age of the person it has been named after. The simple, tall bottle is perfectly offset by black foil and a bold, blue-on-white label prominently featuring Maria’s name in a stylised script. A great homage to family. 

How to Enjoy Bache Gabrielsen XO Cuvée Maria No. 99 Cognac

This XO Cognac makes for a delightful digestif, served at room temperature in tulip glasses. Allow the spirit to rest for a minute or so before taking a sip, letting the most delicate aromas concentrate for a richer tasting experience.

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About Bache Gabrielsen Cognac

Bache-Gabrielsen is a medium-sized family-run Cognac house with an international history. The company was created in 1905, and so it celebrated its 100th anniversary in the last few years. With its clean design, Cognac Bache-Gabrielsen takes an important position in the Cognac market, exporting mainly to Scandinavian countries. Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, the fourth generation head of the company, is well aware that the Cognac industry is undergoing changes, with the international market being heavily developed and marketing strategies refined to cater a younger, trendier consumer-base. Considering the size of the business in comparison to the big cognac houses, it is surprising to find out that this Norwegian Cognac brand holds the market leadership in cognac sales in Norway!

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