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Hennessy XO 150th Anniversary Limited Edition by Frank Gehry Cognac

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Hennessy Cognac
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Tasting review

Nose: A rich, fruity palate with prunes, Corinth raisins and sticky toffee pudding.

Palate: Dark chocolate and over-ripe plums. A little sultana character, cocoa butter and spice.

Finish: Spicy, vanilla-led finish with all kinds of dark fruits.


Hennessy X.O

Hennessy X.O is a recognizable classic from the house of Hennessy and is representative of why the brand is so successful. The term “XO Extra Old Cognac” was coined by founder of the brand, Maurice Hennessy back in 1870. Since then, “X.O” has been used worldwide to represent a blend that has matured for anywhere between 10 and 70 years. Containing a fine-tuned selection of 100 different blends of eaux-de-vie, the average age of Hennessy X.O is 45 years of old and promises a memorable tasting experience and journey of the senses - as the enchanting aromas of the eaux-de-vie bloom below the nose and seductively swim across the palate.

As the largest Cognac producer in the world, Hennessy dominates the Cognac region and spreads over the four grand cru regions including; Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. With the largest reserve of eaux-de-vie worldwide, the choice of aromas means that this Cognac house has the ability to create some of the most exquisite and complex Cognac blends the industry has to offer. Matured in oak casks following double distillation in copper stills, the refined quality and pioneering know-how are what gave the House of Hennessy the world-class legacy that it owns today.

An Iconic Hennessy X.O X Frank Gehry Collaboration

In the celebration of its 150th anniversary, Hennessy X.O presents a limited edition decanter design by Frank Gehry who is known for his legendary architectural design work and signature sculptural style. Gehry’s admirable career has thrived over 60 years and examples of his work can be found all around the world. His iconic work includes the likes of; the Bilbao Guggenheim in Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Opus Tower in Hong Kong and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Presentation of the decanter

The 150th Anniversary Limited Edition is a great synthesis of Frank Gehry’s inspirations. This includes the movement of the flowing Charente river that runs through the Hennessy grounds in Cognac, as well as the fabulous force of nature required in creating the richness of the Hennessy X.O blend. The golden carafe embodies Frank Gehry’s main source of inspiration when creating which centres around the reflection of light. Standing proud, this golden work of art makes a magnificent gift for X.O Cognac lovers and art enthusiasts alike, as it truly is a one of a kind limited edition that inflicts a touch of luxury into the lives of those lucky enough to own a bottle.

How to enjoy

The Hennessy XO is the perfect Cognac for all Cognac drinkers, and can be enjoyed by newcomers just as much as aficionados. The fruity character and brand-certified quality means that it undoubtedly suits the palate that is exploring the world of Cognac for the first time. Meanwhile, it is complex enough to still excite even the most experienced and knowledgeable of connoisseurs. Sip this Cognac over ice, neat or with a fine cigar.

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About Hennessy Cognac

You may think, that with Hennessy’s ability to innovate and push boundaries, they are a thoroughly ‘modern’ Cognac brand. This is a large part of their immense success and influence. The very French brand based in the Charente region, in fact, dates all the way back to 1765 - to Ireland - but have managed to shapeshift enough times to remain more relevant than ever before - with current Master Blender Renaud Fillioux. Their range of uber-trendy products is ever expanding, and their marketing campaigns all the more captivating. There is no doubt that ‘Henny’ culture is alive and kicking: both Cognac and a fifth of Hennessy are mentioned in what seems like hundreds of songs. 

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