Domaine de Birius VS Cognac

Birius Cognac

Cognac Birius VS is a 7 year old cognac, aged in oak barrels.

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7 years

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Tasting Notes
Oak notes, some slight vanilla hints and dry fruits.

The estate of Cognac Birius covers 23 hectares of Petite Champagne vineyards at Biron, in the Charente Maritime. Today the vineyard and cognac house is run by Anne and Philippe Bouyer, direct descendants of the original vineyard owners. Although small in area, Cognac Birius produce a range of cognacs, along with wines, liqueurs and Pineau des Charentes, which they both export and sell directly to the public.

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Domaine de Birius VS

Domaine de Birius VS

Oak notes, some slight vanilla hints and dry fruits.
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