Chabasse Millésime Vintage 1973 Cognac

Chabasse Cognac

This Chabasse cognac is a Millésime brandy, a Vintage from the year of 1973.

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No review of Chabasse 1973 cognac.

In the depths of Saint-Jean d’Angely lies the historic 17th century cognac estate of Chabasse. This family run business today lies in the capable hands of Réné-Luc Chabasse, the ancestor of the founder of the family estate, Jean-Baptiste Chabasse. Chabasse Cognac is enjoyed around the globe, and today the house enjoys making the most of both the traditional and the contemporary – something that is portrayed in the striking shapes and designs of the bottles the cognacs are presented in.

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Chabasse Millésime Vintage 1973

Chabasse Millésime Vintage 1973

No review of Chabasse 1973 cognac.