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It's not a blend, it's a pure vintage cognac: Pionneau of Camus is a vintage cognac, from 1969. It's at 56,4% ABV. The vintage cognac was created of a harvest in the Saint Maigrin region, by a bouilleur de cru. The edition of this 35 year old cognac counts only 4848 numbered and signed decanters.

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Cognac Camus has been handed down since five generations in the Camus family. It is one of the cognac houses that has always gone with the developments of society and technology, from introducing strong bonds with the duty free market in the early 1960s to launching a private lounge in the heart of Beijing in 2010. Its products range from special cognac blends to wine, champagne and coffee, making it an innovative business that strives for modern strategies and wide-ranging consumers. One example is the Ile de Ré cognac, made from eaux-de-vie from an island off the cognac region, a very brave move for the still very traditional cognac industry.

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Camus Vintage Pionneau Camus

Camus Vintage Pionneau Camus

Pionneau Camus cognac delivers an intense nose with solid spicey aromas, dried fruits and oak wood. In the mouth: A fine note of dark fruits, earthy tones, strong rancio and pleasant finish.

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