Camus Cuvee 4.186 Electrum Cognac

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Camus Cognac
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Color: Radiant amber with golden reflections.

Nose: Complex and rich, unveiling notes of berries and dried fruits. Followed by indulgent, buttery aromas combined with rancio, culminating in an exceptional olfactory journey.

Palate: A beautiful amber hue hints at the unique personality of this blend. The rounded attack of this 4-cognac ensemble introduces woody and spicy notes, offering a wondrous lingering taste, prolonging this historic and organoleptic journey.

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Camus Cuvee 4.186 Electrum Cognac

Legacy Meets Luxury: The Ultimate Cognac Experience

The Cuvée 4.186 Electrum by CAMUS embodies centuries of excellence, continuing a storied tradition that defines the very essence of the CAMUS House. With only seven editions crafted over 15 years, and just 315 bottles produced for this edition, it melds floral and indulgent eaux-de-vie with fruity and spicy tones. Meticulously crafted by the house's Cellar Master, Julie Landreau, every drop is counted, blended, and married to produce the most expressive and exceptional cognacs — a standard fundamental to our cuvées.

The Presentation of the decanter

The exquisite packaging of the Cuvée 4.186 Electrum serves as a testament to the rich heritage of the CAMUS family, spanning from 1863, bridging past and present. Crafted in collaboration with French artisans, the case echoes the path of the historic Via Agrippa, blending modern metal with age-old crystal and stone. Within lies an iconic carafe, designed by Serge Mansau and produced by BACCARAT, adorned with a golden band reminiscent of electrum. This bottle nestles perfectly within the case, which also features an engraved quote from the ancient poet Virgil.

How to drink

The Cuvée 4.186 Electrum is not merely a drink but an experience. To fully appreciate its depth and character, let it breathe, savor it slowly, and allow its history and craft to unfold with every sip. Let the narrative of the CAMUS legacy, spanning 22 centuries, enhance your tasting journey.

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About Camus Cognac

Since 1863, five generations of the Camus family have cultivated a single-minded passion for crafting great Cognac with their own style. Laid across 180 hectares in the smallest and rarest AOC cru - the Borderies - the Camus family has always been deeply involved in winemaking and distilling. It is this unbreakable bond between the land, the traditions and the people who live on it that helps them craft superb Cognacs. Today, it is Cyril Camus who is the bearer of all family tradition and oversees the undisputed quality of Camus Cognac. Export development and product development remain at the top, with a passion for innovation. Cyril Camus has entirely modernized the Cognac house’s interiors, relying on a fresh new take on Cognac for the new century. Instead of leather, wood and velvet in shades of brown, he opts for light colors and a combination of tradition and modern design.

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