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AE Dor Vintage No 5 Louis-Philippe 1848 Cognac

AE DOR Cognac

AE Dor presents a very old Vintage No 5: Louis-Philippe from the year 1848.

Cognac age:
Growth area:
Grande Champagne
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Vintage year:

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The vintage eaux-de-vie of A.E. Dor are one the few that are left from before phylloxera struck the region in 1874. Adapting to current developments in the cognac industry and the luxury market in general, the company, today headed by Jacques Riviere, have launched a new range of products that target a wider and more international group of consumers.

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AE Dor Vintage No 5 Louis-Philippe 1848

AE Dor Vintage No 5 Louis-Philippe 1848

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