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Hennessy Cognac

Hennessy Timeless comes in a Baccarat Crystal decanter, priced at around 11,000 USD. The blend of Hennessy Timeless was made at the very end of the 20th century; the product stands as symbol for the famous trading house's future in the 21st century: The "assemblage" consists of 11 exclusive eaux-de-vies from the past 100 years. The Timeless edition is limited to 2000 bottles.

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Q&A for Hennessy Timeless

For sale

Ben A 2017-10-24

Still have one bottle of the Hennessy Timeless with original packing. If interested i am willing to sell

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adam green 2013-05-05

I also have a unopened bottle of Hennessy Timeless for sale. Number 777/2000. Please email me if you are interested.

    rue 2013-01-05

    Hi, I have a bottle of hennessy timeless for sale call me 646 263 2890

      charles 2012-12-23

      I have a timeless for sale for the right price 9k or better. I can be reached at 617 775 6222 ps it is signed by Edward Hennessy during a promo tour.

        Michel 2012-12-02

        Hello Franck, I have an bottle of Hennessy Timeless, untouched still in its original package, that I am putting up for sale. Should you still be looking for one please feel free to drop your offer here in this post.

          Frank 2012-10-17

          I would like to know where i can still buy Hennessy Timeles, is there a store or do I only get it in Duty Free? Thanks

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            Hennessy Timeless

            Hennessy Timeless

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