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Darroze Les Grands Assemblages 8 Years Armagnac 01

Darroze Les Grands Assemblages 8 Years Armagnac

Bas Armagnac

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Eye: Vibrant golden yellow with greenish reflections, showcasing its youthful vigor and meticulous aging process.

Nose: The aroma is fresh and subtly wooded, unveiling a rich fruit-forward bouquet with notes of prune, quince, and candied orange, capturing the essence of the Bas-Armagnac terroir.

Palate: On the palate, the presence of tannins is felt, yet they are refined and not overpowering. The continuation of confit fruit notes adds depth and complexity to the tasting experience.

Finish: The finish is smooth and lingering, offering a suave and delightful conclusion to the tasting, embodying the art of blending young armagnacs for a harmonious profile.


Darroze Les Grands Assemblages 8 Year Armagnac

Explore the nuanced world of Armagnac with the Darroze Les Grands Assemblages 8 Year Armagnac. Marc Darroze, with his expert hand, selects and blends each cuvée to achieve a symphony of flavors, highlighting the complementary and complex nature of his eaux-de-vie. This 8-year-old assemblage, the youngest in its blend, is a gateway to an extraordinary aromatic journey, starting from the vibrant fruitiness of young Armagnacs to the spiced and confit fruit character of those aged around thirty years.

How to drink

Enjoying the Darroze Les Grands Assemblages 8 Year Armagnac offers flexibility in its enjoyment - neat to savor its intricate layers or with a drop of water to unveil its full aromatic palette. Its balance of tannins and fruitiness also makes it a perfect complement to a gourmet meal, enhancing the dining experience.

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