Armagnac Sempé 1973

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Aromas of candied fruits with roasted notes and mellow woodiness. Powerful and structured on the palate. Long.


Armagnac Sempé 1973

Vintage 1973 Sempe is a powerful and developed Armagnac offering distilled in Panjas (Gers) and bottled at 45.4%. Made up of eaux-de-vie from the vintage year of 1973, this Armagnac is an ode to the bohemian years of the 70s. With its blissful aromas of candied fruits and roasted notes of mellow woodiness, the culture of the 70s emerges through the nuances of this Armagnac delectably. Whether this was intentional or not, 1973 has been expertly crafted by a distinguished house that nurtures its craft year in year out.

Sempe is one of Armagnac’s most well-known trading houses. Founded in 1934 by Abel Sempe, in the Gascon region, he developed the brand on an international level. Innovation is therefore at the heart of the house of Sempe. The family business seeks to continue producing Armagnac in the same way that Abel Sempe once did, which strives to combine savoir-faire with enabling Armagnac to be as accessible to as many people as possible.

Presentation of the bottle

Showcased in a classic embossed bottle, the timeless presentation of 1973 is in keeping with Armagnac's exceptional age. A traditional vintage style label features all the product information and a golden wreath that meets a crest of two knights crossing their swords. Arriving with a bespoke wooden display box this Armagnac deserves to be cherished only for special occasions. A staple collectors item for connoisseurs looking to extend their vintage collection.

How to enjoy

This 70s gem is ideally sipped neat, preferably from the correct type of Armagnac glass or snifter. Sip and savour as the mellow yet powerful palate opens up in time. This vintage also serves deliciously as the accompaniment to a post-dinner cheese course. Pair with a cigar to prolong the tasting even further.

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