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Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac

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Eye: Antique amber with flashes of ruby.

Nose: Aromatic richness combined with the freshness of candied citrus fruits 

Palate: Rich, exquisite nuttiness perfectly blending with soft flavors of dried fruit - figs, dates and raisins.

Growth area & soil: Blend

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Playing the Wild Card: Prince Hubert de Polignac 888 Trunk Cognac

The Prince Hubert de Polignac 888 Trunk Cognac perfectly brings together the luxury of Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac and the design qualities of T.T. Trunks, a famed Paris-based producer of exceptional trunks and bags. The 888 Trunk is said to epitomise the values of ‘forwardness, avant-garde and luxury’, providing space for an entire poker set underneath the bottle compartment.

Prince de Polignac Cognac is named after one of France's oldest noble families, members of which include Cardinal De Polignac (French ambassador in Poland and Rome in the 17th century), Countess Yolande de Polignac - a personal friend of Marie Antoinette - and Prince Jules de Polignac, a cabinet minister under Charles X. It was their descendant, Prince Hubert de Polignac, who eventually allowed the Cognac producer Mounier to use his name for one of their bottlings in 1947. After the trademark was registered, the Prince himself took to travelling the world to promote the brand, sealing its association with royalty, adventure and luxury. 

Presentation of the Bottle

Naturally, this expression is presented in a magnificent crystal decanter set inside a luxury trunk, giving more than enough room to house all the poker paraphernalia that you could wish for. Contemporary in design, this is a work of art that will stand out in any collection: the soft leather, color-contrast lining and the details on the outside, as well as the inside, perfectly complement the quality of Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac.

How to Enjoy Prince Hubert de Polignac 888 Trunk Cognac

The complex tasting notes of this Cognac are best showcased in a tulip glass. After pouring, allow the liquor to breathe for 30 seconds to fully concentrate the delicate aromas before you take a sip. This is an excellent accompaniment to an evening of fine food, cigars - and dare we say, a game of poker.

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About Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac

Named after the oldest of France’s noble families, Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac is an independent Cognac company since parting from H Mounier in 2019. Packaged in their distinctive grey, red or blue colours, the brand ranges from a VS upwards. Faithfully following the cognac making methods of old, today’s 'Prince Polignac' cognac has won many awards since its inception over 60 years ago.

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