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Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac

Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac

Named after the oldest of France’s noble families, Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac is an independent Cognac company since parting from H Mounier in 2019. Packaged in their distinctive grey, red or blue colours, the brand ranges from a VS upwards. Faithfully following the cognac making methods of old, today’s 'Prince Polignac' cognac has won many awards since its inception over 60 years ago.

Visit Prince Hubert de Polignac: 46 rue de l’Isle d’Or ,16100 Cognac ,+33 (0)545824577 ,No visiting information available.

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History of Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac

The name Polignac has the most regal of histories. Countess Yolande de Polignac was a close friend of the legendary Marie Antoinette, who fell victim to the merciless blade of the guillotine in 1793. Other notable family members include Prince Jules de Polignac, who was Minister to King Charles X, as well as the 17th-century French ambassador to Rome and Poland – Cardinal de Polignac. The earliest registered person of the Polignac clan dates back to the year 680 AD, with Armand de Polignac the 1st.

In 1947, Prince Hubert de Polignac decided to make his name a Cognac brand. Rich in political and cultural knowledge, the Prince associates the H Mounier with the creation of what will be a worldwide success.

In 2020, Polignac Cognac resumes its princely independence. Under the leadership of Anthony Perera, the brand is preparing to mark a turning point in its history while continuing to embody its royal style.

Prince Hubert de Polignac Today

Prince Hubert de Polignac Cognac, also called 'Prince Polignac', is today the official Cognac at the Royal Court of Denmark thanks to the influence of the Russian Prince Alexis Louis de Wenden, who was a fan of the brand.

The brand has a distribution network that encircles the globe – and they recently had a complete overhaul of their product packaging, including a new brand identity. Their VS, VSOP and XO bottles are easily recognised by the strong, regal coloring of grey, red and blue, and were designed specifically to bring to mind the noble heritage and history that lends its name to the brand.

All of Prince Hubert de Polignac cognacs are created from 100% Grande Champagne and the methods used are strictly traditional. Strict quality control procedures are in place to ensure that every bottle produced is worthy to be sold under the Polignac brand.

News, Products and Old Labels

The VSOP Reserve de Prince won gold medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in Great Britain, 2007 and silver medal in 2008 and 2009.

It also won Silver at the Saveurs Poitou-Charentes in 2007 and a gold medal mention ‘best in class’ at the International Wine & Spirit competition in 2006.

In spring 2011, Prince Polignac released a brand new collection of their VS, VSOP and XO cognacs. On this occasion, Polignac also presented a new 3D website for connaisseurs to delve into the legend of Prince Polignac.

Visit Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac

Prince Hubert de Polignac, 46 rue de l’Isle d’Or, 16100 COGNAC.

There are no official visits available at Prince Polignac.

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