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Maxime Pinard

Maxime Pinard

The tiny Cognac house of Maxime Pinard is located on the beautiful Ile d’Oleron, and is the epitome of a small, traditional, working producer and artisan brand. The expertise and passion of both Cognac and wine making has been handed down through the generations since 1889. Today they offer a small, delightful range of Cognacs that encompass each of the age qualities. The current owners show true entrepreneurial spirit, not only creating their Cognacs, wines, Pineaux, and liqueurs, but also have embraced tourism with the inclusion of a small holiday home where people can stay to further discover the delights of the region.


History of Maxime Pinard Cognac

The house came into being in the year 1889. The Pinard family set up shop in this corner of the Cognac countryside, close to the ocean, where the microclimate has a unique influence on the grapes that grow here. The knowledge and savoir-faire has been handed down through four generations, with each family member continuing to tend the vines and create their masterpieces in the same traditional manner.

Maxime Pinard Cognac today

Today the house of Maxime Pinard has remained true to the family roots, but has really embraced the realities of being a successful business in the 21st century. Not only do they produce Cognac, wines, liqueurs, Pineaux des Charentes, and a vodka made from grapes, but they’ve also tapped into the popularity of tourism in the area. To this end they offer a vacation rental that houses 7-9 people, and is located in the heart of their vineyards. In addition, you can also camp on the property during the summer. As an added bonus, if you camp here you get a free introduction and tasting of their Cognacs and other products.

The estate covers 90 hectares of vines, some of which are specifically grown for Cognac, and others for the other products in the Maxime Pinard portfolio.

News, products, anecdotes, & awards

The Cognac range of Maxime Pinard is small, but covers the whole spectrum of qualities from a VS through to an XO. This little known brand is the perfect introduction as to how great are the Cognacs from such an artisan brand. In addition, their Cognacs are a wonderful example of the unique taste stamp achieved from vines that grow so close to the ocean.

Visiting the house of Maxime Pinard Cognac

The Pinard family welcome visitors to their estate. Each Thursday at 3pm they offer a guided tour of the vineyards, distillery, and cellars, with Cognac tasting included. There is a nominal cost for this tour of 2 euro per person. The tour lasts around an hour and a half.

During the month of September you can visit the wine shop Monday through Saturday, from 9.30am – 12.30pm, and in the afternoon from 3pm – 7pm.

During the winter school holidays the cellars are open for visits from Monday through Saturday. Hours are 10am – 12.30pm, and 3pm-5.30pm.

For visits outside of these dates please contact the house directly.

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