Le Plantis des Vallees Cognac

Covering 78 hectares of Fins Bois terroir, the house of Le Plantis des Vallees is a producer of cognac, pineau des Charentes and wine.  12 hectares are dedicated to the production of wine, the rest for eaux-de-vie to make cognac.

Visit Le Plantis des Vallees: 4, Rue de la Croix de l'Anglais, 17490 Macqueville, +33 (0)5 46 26 67 76, +33 0)6 87 85 05 40

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Le Plantis des Vallees Cognac

Le Plantis des Vallees Cognac

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Le Plantis des Vallees Cognac today

Owned and run by Juliette et Jean-François Queron and Alexandra Limouzin, the house of Le Plantis des Vallees is a member of the Vigneron Independant wine growing scheme in the Charente.  This means that not only do they own and run their vineyard, but that they carry out all of the necessary duties to ensure the product from the vine to the bottle - a true artisan production.

Visit Le Plantis des Vallees Cognac 

There is no information about visiting the cognac house.  Please cotct them directly for further information.