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Grönstedts VSOP Cognac

Groenstedts Cognac

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The Finnish brand Grönstedts Cognac is well known in both Scandinavia and other continents around the globe. The company has a history dating back to 1846 and is today an internationally recognized cognac brand and part of the portfolio of the Scandinavian company Altia Corporation. The brand has a varied and convoluted history, and production of Grönstedts Cognac has seen many homes. Today the cognac is a leader in its native Scandinavia, with it being the most popular cognac in the country of Sweden.

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Grönstedts VSOP

Grönstedts VSOP

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Grönstedts’ Royal Wedding Present: National Marriage 2010
09-06-2010 / Congratulation! Not only a stamp, created for the ‘national marriage’, but also a Cognac. On June 1, Grönstedts launched a new Cognac on the special occasion of the upcoming royal wedding between Princess Victoria of Sweden and her fiancé Daniel Westling. The big day is set for June 19 and will be held in the Read full article...