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Frédéric Mestreau VSOP De Luxe Cognac

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Mestreau Cognac

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Dried fruits, pressed flowers, slight beeswax, vanilla, bright oak, toffee, mixed spice, apples, green grapes and a touch of flintiness.

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Cognac Mestreau VSOP De Luxe

Cognac Mestreau VSOP de Luxe is a blend of high quality eaux-de-vie that has been aged in French oak for a minimum of 4 years, however some were left to mature for much longer.

A delectable Cognac from the house of Mestreau, offering sweet and spicy accents that seduce the senses, it is certainly a Cognac to enjoy if you’re looking to boost your spirits after a long or tiring day.

The house of Mestreau would have remained a footnote in history, if it wasn’t for Guilhem Grosperrin, the director of Grosperrin Cognac and an avid collector of old and rare spirits. Guilhem snagged a small, and extremely rare, collection of Mestreau bottlings from the 19th century, which allowed him to profile the company’s spirit and resurrect the brand using modern eaux-de-vie that matched the Mestreau identity.

At present, Mestreau is the smaller brand of Grosperrin; whose team works with more than 150 local Cognac businesses spread across all six of the Cognac growing areas. In total Grosperrin has contact with almost 4,300 farms which make up the rich and diverse grapes of the Cognac region. With years of buying and selling expertise under their belt, the house of Grosperrin are able to source the finest eaux-de-vie the region has to offer. This is done all in the hope of achieving their ultimate ambition of achieving the most perfect expression of the terroir.

Presentation of the bottle

The definition of French chic, this bottle showcases the fine Cognac inside with nothing but pure class and elegance. Arriving with an equally easy on the eye presentation box, it makes the perfect gift for someone with good taste. Whilst beautiful aesthetics are important it’s what inside the bottle that counts, and this VSOP De Luxe is bound to impress. Enjoy when in good company as sharing this Cognac will make the experience even more special.

How to enjoy

The tasting experience of a luxurious VSOP like this one should be maximised to its utmost potential. Let the Cognac do the talking by sipping and savoring it from a balloon glass with a dash of ice. Alternatively it also serves delightfully as the main component of a cocktail. Try mixing up a Brandy Fix:

  • Shake 1 fl. oz of VSOP de Luxe with 0.5 fl. oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice,
  • 1 fl. oz of pineapple juice,
  • 0.25 fl. oz of simple syrup and a dash of Yellow Chartreuse.

Make sure to shake hard so the pineapple juice becomes foamy. Strain into a tumbler filled with crushed ice and top with a lemon zest and maraschino cherry to garnish. The subtle notes of toffee, vanilla, fruits and pressed flowers found in Cognac Mestreau VSOP would also pair well with a sweet and fruity dessert such as an apple tart.

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About Mestreau Cognac

Founded in 1808, Frédéric Mestreau is an important brand in the world of Cognac. It, unfortunately, as many do, fell by the wayside in 1919 and has since remained dormant. All that has changed in recent years, thanks to a recent purchase of Cognac Mestreau made by Guilhem Grosperrin, a man who is well versed in buying older, rare bottles from the most remote of corners in the region, and reselling them to Cognac lovers everywhere.

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