Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Cognac

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Courvoisier Cognac

The Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif is a new cognac, and lets call it modern. It is a VSOP that is supposed to be mixed in cocktails, for an extravagant drink. That is quite interesting, as its blend consists of Grande and Petite Champagne. It can also be drunk straight of course.

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Its a smooth VSOP and unfolds quite a harmony of vanilla, some spicy hints - and characteristic for its growth area origin, floral. In the mouth: Long and mellow.

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Blind tasted: totally fine VSOP

I tasted this VSOP together with 7 other VSOPs and shared position #1 with with Hardy Organic VSOP.
I pretty much like the nose because it'S rather dry - the finish has a slight punch, but it sort of works within the balance of the blend.

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Q&A for Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif

Angelin 2012-03-29

I have few bottles of favourite VSOP,Courvoisier,Martell,Otard,Remy Martin,Hennessy,Martell,Otard,Camus cognac which more than 30 years old. Can you tell me how much is the selling price and also XO selling price in the market? Thank you.

    Tracy 2012-01-21

    I like Exclusif, but its not on the level of Courvoisier Napoleon

      Boris 2012-01-21

      great stuff, fruity, yet dense and harmonious

        Jarmund 2012-01-21

        i like this a lot. i tastet it first time in christmas 3 years ago and and i have at this moment a bottle in the cabinet and it is not the first one.

          Jan 2011-12-13

          sure, I can say something about it: it's a great cognac blend for mixing with cocktail ingredients, just a bit expensive, compared to a normal VSOP. But hey, cognac age is magic.

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            Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif

            Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif

            Its a smooth VSOP and unfolds quite a harmony of vanilla, some spicy hints - and characteristic for its growth area origin, floral. In the mouth: Long and mellow.

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